Friday, March 26, 2010


I hope people actually come out to experience this production. We're having a great time putting it together! Kerk Fisher, the ensemble, everyone is amazingly talented. Through improvisation, composition and scripting we're capturing the essence of Tolle's words.
Dale Strange
Rita Hight
Raquel Cecil
Alexandria Sweatt
Ted Lesley
Sean Childress
Marcia Miller
Denny Grinar


Joan said...

I admire Jergen Tossman and the cast of Holy Tolle for trying to mainstream or at least get out the word on new consciouness. As someone who has spent the past few years facilitating groups (through sculpture and pantomime) to experience presence as well as know ego and pain body I know just how hard this can be. BUT, I honor you all for your good work. I brought one of my groups to the show last night and they loved it..
The only comment that was not laudatory was that the Judge Judy part seemed a distraction and too long. Thank you again.
Joan Kincade

Finney227 said...

Just saw this show this evening and it was great. Even having read the books, it was a joy to see them performed. Great Job to all involved.